Poverty Graduation, a powerful idea that will create a better world for all of us; why not take a look?

Ant10a – STRAITROAD is a low investment, high impact poverty graduation programme with 10x Return on Investment for investors, 80x advantages for CSR organisations and 1000x impact for beneficiaries.

Why should you support it? For every $20 you spend on STRAITROAD; we’ll find, train, mentor and transform an unemployed person to a self-reliant confident tax-paying citizen having potential yearly earnings in excess of US$24,000; a 1000 times impact for your crowdfunding investment or CSR funding. Want to know more?

STRAITROAD poverty graduation will set an unemployed person on a sustainable path out of poverty enabling the individual to support themselves and their family reasonably well from their own earnings and for long-term. STRAITROAD to success is a 360 degree fully supported entrepreneurial incubation programme. STRAITROAD creates opportunities for the beneficiary to earn in excess of US $24,000; UK £20,000; INR 400,000 per annum. It can lead out and keep out whole families from poverty long-term.

STRAITROAD offers six crucial ingredients that assure 98% success for beneficiaries and investors alike:

  • Access to products and services from top vendors that beneficiaries can sell or distribute for profit
  • Beneficiaries given hosted online stores to sell such products or services during 18 months incubation
  • Beneficiaries are given access to qualified mentors and advisors during the 18 month incubation
  • Access to local growth capital and financial support for beneficiaries during the 18 month incubation
  • Continued support after the 18 month incubation
  • Second chance for the beneficiary if you decide to give it; it’s the investor’s/funder’s choice

STRAITROAD offers not just a financial lifeline out of destitution for beneficiaries, but education in confidence and skills to build on and maintain their newfound prosperity. STRAITROAD will cost US $20; (UK £15; INR 1200) per beneficiary when funded by a crowdfunding or individual investor.

When it is funded under a CSR programme where an organisation provides 40 hours of its employee’s time for mentorship it will cost US $10; UK £8; INR 600 per beneficiary. Which is to say it will cost as little as UK £2 to get an individual member of a family of four out of poverty when the beneficiary is supported by CSR and mentorship.

When was the last time you gave money away to a beggar for nothing, STRAITROAD is the sensible, humane alternative to giving money away without returns. For every US $20 that you spend with us as an investor you have every chance of earning US $70 within an 18 month time frame from helping a recipient while at the same time helping a whole family out of poverty.


‘Poverty graduation’ is an interventional model that has been analysed extensively by leading academics from the LSE and Yale who confirm that a one-off Poverty graduation intervention can permanently end crippling poverty, with benefits that multiply over time. STRAITROAD is low cost and high impact; it was shaped and modeled from successful Poverty graduation interventional programmes.

STRAITROAD beneficiaries will get a wide choice of multipurpose online ‘pop up’ stores, connections and contracts to a wide range of products and service vendors who are willing to hire them as local distributors, suitable mentors to guide their online enterprises and with access to capital through local crowdfunding.

In the financial year 2017, Ant10a STRAITROAD aims to lead out of poverty, one million unemployed people from the US, UK and India. Of this 60% will be funded by crowd and individual funding initiatives and the remaining 40% through Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

In the UK, a total of 7.4 million people, including 2.6 million children, are living in poverty stricken households. In the US in 2016, 42.2 million Americans live in poverty and in food insecure households, including 29.1 million adults and 13.1 million children. In India in 2016 more than 100 million live in poverty stricken households. Our objective is to permanently lower the number of educated unemployed and educated employed poor. STRAITROAD is a Gig economy incubation programme.

10x ROI for investors - STRAITROAD offers our crowdfunding and individual investors 2.5x (times) return on investment, plus a 2% profit share in the recipient’s business, potentially 10 times ROI in 3 years. For every US$20 you spend with us you should get back US$70 in 18 months and thereafter a 2% annual profit share. Ours is a fully transparent programme (subject to normal market and investment risks) whereby investor’s risks are lowered by choosing talented beneficiaries, committed capable mentors and excellent beneficiary support. By funding us you’ll be actively preventing expanding social inequality and economic instability in your country and in the wider world. Plus you’ll get an additional free user license that you may use to give a second chance to your beneficiary should the beneficiary’s business fail to take-off in the first 18 months? Something like a double guarantee or fail safe.

80x ROI for CSR-funding providers – For every US$10 you spend on STRAITROAD you’ll be able to transform a whole family’s future by helping a destitute unemployed person become a self-reliant, confident tax-paying citizen having high enough potential earnings to support a family. In every individual case you as an organisation and your assigned employee will have a fantastic chance to influence the outcome of your CSR spend and an 18 month time-frame to achieve it. The mentorship that your CSR employee is required to provide is to be done via Skype. Skype as well as mentoring time-recording is already integrated into our platform. This means your employee will not have to leave their desk at all. They can contribute their requisite time commitment on flexi-time either from the comfort of their office desk or from their home. This in turn can mean hundreds of dollars saved for you the CSR-funding provider in employee-hours. Say if you were paying $20 an hour for the CSR employee offering the mentorship that is 40 hours at $20, $800 per employee saved. Our CSR packages start at 125 employees (and then in multiples of 25 thereafter). This means for every 125 employees that you include within your CSR programme at a cost of $10 x 125, $1250; you’ll save $100,000 annually. What’s more you’ll be issued with our trademark Poverty Mark logo that you can use on your product or service packaging as well as your product or service literature and website that will show your customers that you are a caring and socially responsible organisation. This can easily mean more new customers joining your fold and existing customers staying loyal and long term with your brand.

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