Your future is bright, this is the beginning

Ant10a is your first step to becoming a global citizen; a free entrepreneur with the ability to do business from anywhere in the world and to get paid for it into a European bank account of your own. Combined with a Canary Wharf, London, UK address that we are able to arrange this helps you create the much needed trust from European, US, Chinese, Middle Eastern and Far eastern buyers like never before. Ant10a when used in conjunction with an Estonian e-residency will give you a global and transnational identity that gives you the freedom, ease and ability to trade globally from anywhere in the world. There are 10 million Estonian e-residencies up for grabs before 2018 and this is where you could start.

Ant10a is for graduates, qualified professionals and technology students seeking employment in the international, UK, US or Indian job markets. We’ll find you work and our job matching service is free. Ant10a is also for sole-proprietor businesses looking to team up with similar size and type of businesses abroad in innovative partnerships, Twinnovation. We’ll find you matching partners.

Estonian E-residency is open to anyone in the world interested in owning a location-independent business online. An E-Residency additionally enables secure and convenient digital services that facilitate credibility and trust online. E-Residents can: Establish an Estonian company online; Administer the company from anywhere in the world; With 0% company income tax; Gain inclusion in the EU’s legal framework; Digitally sign documents and contracts; Gain a Estonian/EU bank account subject to bank’s approval; Conduct e-banking and remote money transfers. A physical address in Estonia is required to establish an Estonian company. An Estonian address may be obtained via Ant10a and its Estonian partners, 10office.

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What Ant10a gives you is a lot more than you’d expect from a free to use service. Here is what you’ll get when you join:

  • Your own personal website with which you can impress anyone, especially when presenting your skills, abilities and strengths to companies and people offering business opportunities
  • LifePort – A sophisticated and smart CV or Resume creator that will give an edge over others in impressing potential employers about yourself, giving you a better chance of getting hired
  • Online store - for selling goods or services for your employer or for yourself as an independent entrepreneur.
  • Property portfolio – for selling or letting homes and property, so you can earn from brokering property deals, commission agreement templates included
  • Personal vehicle portfolio – for selling or renting cars and bikes
  • Personal used goods portfolio – for selling used household goods and electronic equipment
  • Blogging – so you can promote your products or services on all Social media platforms
  • Micro-blogging
  • Personal Picture Galleries
  • Infinanz – Crowd-funding tools to raise funding for your business or charity
  • Social network – Facebook style social network but way different and very useful for business and with a special focus local connections
  • Personal Short-letting portfolio – so you can short-let as in an AirBNB your spare-room/s

Items 1,2 and 11 are free at all times, items 3 to 10 and 12 are free for 60 days from when you start using it and pay from when you start earning at US$5 per month/UK £4 per month/ India Rs. 360 per month

Ant10a is ideal for use by self employed businesses, home based businesses, start ups, self employed businesses seeking second income and for all types of other entrepreneurs. Ant10a with e-residency is ideal for IT related Technology businesses, software publishers, book publishers, online content publishers and any business with export interest in the EU. E-residency is not free. There are nominal costs involved and our costs are comparatively hugely less than what you would pay for a Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah or Dubai Freetrade zone registration, set up and annual maintenance. Plus you gain access to the EU which you don’t get with UAE.


For e-residency details and costs including cost of professional advice in relation to setting up of Estonian company and bank account please contact – Arun Joseph on +919847777500 or +448438496073 or by e-mail

*Terms and Conditions apply.